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How much high temperature grease should I add to NSK bearings?

wallpapers Products 2020-08-27
NSK high temperature bearings are more common mechanical parts in daily life, with various types. The normal operation of high temperature bearings requires the use of a certain high temperature grease to achieve the lubrication effect.
High temperature grease has a good protective effect on NSK bearings. Its wear resistance, adhesion, temperature resistance, lubricity and rust resistance are very good. It can effectively improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of the bearing, delay aging, and dissolve Carbon deposits prevent the accumulation of oil and metal wear debris, and improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the bearing.
When NSK bearings are replaced and disassembled, new high-temperature grease needs to be injected. There are certain requirements for the amount of grease. Too much is not good, too little is not enough, so how much is appropriate?
Excessive use of high temperature grease will cause great harm to NSK bearings.
(1) The more high-temperature grease is filled, the greater the friction torque. (With the same filling amount, the friction torque of sealed bearings is greater than that of open bearings)
After the high temperature grease is filled to 60% of the internal space volume of the bearing, the friction torque no longer increases significantly. This is because most of the high temperature grease in the open bearing has been squeezed out, and the high temperature lubrication in the sealed bearing The fat has also been lost.
(2) As the filling amount of high temperature grease increases, the bearing temperature will rise linearly. (With the same filling volume, the temperature rise of sealed bearings is higher than that of open bearings)
The high temperature grease filling amount of the sealed rolling bearing shall not exceed about 50% of its internal space.
If the machinery and equipment are to achieve normal performance, the bearings must be properly lubricated to avoid extreme heat, humidity and pollution.
Appropriate lubrication and protection plan, as well as bearing condition monitoring work, are the key points for bearing end-of-life. When the bearing is damaged, it may cause unexpected equipment downtime, even if it is an hour of downtime, it will also cause huge production losses.

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