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"Beautiful chemical industry" tour speech into colleges and Universities

wallpapers News 2020-09-12

on November 3, "beautiful chemical" college tour speech opened in East China University of science technology. This is an important part of the "beautiful chemical" large-scale special publicity activity sponsored by China Petroleum Chemical Industry Federation undertaken by China chemical industry newspaper. The activity aims to spread carry forward the value concept of beautiful chemical industry to college students. Through the communication interaction between authoritative experts students, the true face of chemical products industry is restored. Jin Yong, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a speech entitled "contribution of chemical innovation to human life". He said that China's development in recent years, especially the development of the chemical industry, has been achieved through the expansion of production factors, but this way is unsustainable. If the chemical industry wants to continue to develop rapidly, it must continue to innovate. Academician Jinyong inspired students' innovative consciousness through many concrete examples. He suggested that students should get rid of the shackles of habitual thinking strive to improve their imagination, association versatility.

Li Hao, from the school of chemical engineering of East China University of science technology, asked academician Jin Yong, "how can we dispel the misundersting of the people about the chemical industry?" Jin Yong said that it is the responsibility of all chemical engineering students to clarify the facts restore the truth. "Chemistry chemical industry plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life. We must let the people look at it more objectively rationally." Jin Yong said. Ding Yiwei, a global business executive of

, pointed out in his speech entitled "chemistry makes life better", Yabao company is committed to providing more environmentally friendly healthy chemical products in line with the 12 principles of green chemistry. He believes that, according to the concept of responsible care, the global chemical industry must achieve sustainable development in terms of health, safety environmental protection, openly communicate its activities achievements. Jiang Yi, director of reactor global business of

, gave a speech on "flow chemistry makes beautiful chemical industry". Jiang Yi introduced to the students in detail how the Corning company revolutionized the Corning reactor through innovation. He pointed out that he hoped that more more chemical enterprises would adopt high new technology for process upgrading strive for the sustainable development of chemical industry. Wang Xiaoyun, vice president of

, pointed out in his speech that the public's cognitive misundersting psychological deviation towards the petroleum chemical industry may be formed by hearing witnessing several large or small accidents. However, it is not a matter of days to reverse the irrational chemical phobia of the public. As a professional media, China chemical industry news is deeply responsible glorious. "We hope to join hs with enterprises institutions in the whole industry to create a harmonious sustainable development environment living environment, promote the realization of the beautiful chemical vision of ecological civilization harmonious coexistence." Wang Xiaoyun said. Thirty display boards were set up in the library of Fengxian campus of East China University of science technology to show how the chemical industry can improve people's clothing, food, housing transportation, how to provide convenience for healthy beautiful life. At the same time, some hot topics such as Px, plasticizer, melamine food preservative were popularized publicized to restore the truth of the event. In an interview with

, Lu Ting, from the Institute of higher education of East China University of science technology, said that people's daily life is totally inseparable from chemical industry, the construction of beautiful chemical industry has great responsibility bright future. Sun Xiaojuan said that before she went to school, the chemical industry was always dangerous in her mind, but now because of the teacher's propaga teaching, her fear of chemical industry has been reduced a lot. This time, after listening to the speech of Meili chemical seeing the display board, she has more confidence in the construction of beautiful chemical industry.

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