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APEC held in Beijing to grasp environmental protection liquid ammonia Market

wallpapers News 2020-08-17

The APEC leaders' meeting will be held in Beijing in early November.

It is reported that during the APEC meeting, it will refer to the "Olympic Mode" to prevent pollution.

All enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin Hebei that fail to meet the strict emission requirements will stop production at the end of October.

According to the investigation of jinyindao, the Ministry of environmental protection has sent six major inspection teams to eight cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Baoding Xingtai, to conduct special supervision inspection on the emergency work of heavy pollution weather.

Faced with such strict rectification measures by the Ministry of environmental protection, liquid ammonia is undoubtedly the best desulfurizer denitrification agent for thermal power plants some chemical enterprises that produce air pollution in the production process.

At present, the impact on the liquid ammonia Market in Hebei has been obvious.

Before the policy was issued, the local supply exceeded the dem seriously, the liquid ammonia Market showed a downward trend.

The mainstream transaction price was between 2100-2200 yuan / T cash.

At the beginning of this week, with the implementation of environmental protection measures, the liquid ammonia Market in Hebei continued to rise.

As of October 15, the mainstream transaction price was about 100 yuan / ton to 2200-2250 yuan / ton Kim.

At the same time, because the liquid ammonia production process uses coal as raw material, the liquid ammonia production enterprises will also cause certain pollution in the production process.

The Ministry of environmental protection has ordered the liquid ammonia production enterprises to reduce production reduce pollution, similar to that in Shenzhou, Hebei Province Large enterprises such as chemical fertilizer plants (550 tons of daily export) Hebei Jinyuan (400 tons of daily export) will bear the brunt.

According to the survey of jinyindao, some enterprises have begun to formulate reduction plans.

At that time, the situation of oversupply in Hebei will be alleviated, which is conducive to the development of liquid ammonia Market.

Therefore, the implementation of the environmental protection policy of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games directly caused the shortage of liquid ammonia Market in Jiangsu Anhui Province.

According to the statistics of Jinyin Isl, before after the Youth Olympic Games, the liquid ammonia Market in Jiangsu Anhui increased by 11.

8%, finally spread to a certain extent, which affected the whole liquid ammonia Market to rise significantly.

Learning from the past, in order to meet the APEC meeting, the environmental protection efforts will be strengthened, the rising market of the Youth Olympic Games may be repeated again, resulting in the shortage of supply in the domestic liquid ammonia Market driving the market up sharply.

Analysis shows that due to the weakening of downstream dem in the early stage, transactions in various regions have fallen to the cost, some regions have even fallen below the cost.

This strengthening of environmental protection will certainly ease the oversupply situation, or bring benefits to the liquid ammonia Market.

The liquid ammonia market may rebound after a short period of stability.

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