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Advanced energy materials: solid phase pre lithium -- a strategy to construct high performance anode materials for all solid state hydride batteries

wallpapers News 2020-11-03

hydride is a potential anode material: on the one h it has high theoretical capacity on the other h it has moderate potential for lithium. For example LiAlH4 has a theoretical capacity of 2821 mahg-1 a platform potential of 0-0.7 v. However LiAlH4 has poor charge discharge kinetics many side reactions which greatly hinders its application.

nanocrystallization is an effective strategy to improve the electrochemical performance of electrode materials especially for improving the kinetic performance of electrochemical reaction. However for LiAlH4 materials with strong reducibility the conventional nanocrystallization method is not suitable. To solve the side reaction problem the current more successful strategy is to use LiBH4 solid electrolyte to build solid-state battery but how to achieve good separation It is still a difficult problem to construct electronic electronic conductive networks.

work together with Professor Zheng Shiyou of Shanghai University of technology Professor Sun Lixian of Guilin University of Electronic Science technology. A new type of coordination hydride nanocomposite electrode material was proposed by using solid-phase pre lithium strategy LiBH4 was used as solid electrolyte to assemble all solid-state lithium batteries. In this study the in-situ electrochemical reaction of LiAlH4 Li was realized in solid phase by mixing LiAlH4 Li LiBH4 C based on the effect of LiBH4 conducting lithium ions C conducting electrons. The reaction is an internal short circuit electrochemical reaction with high reaction rate but the diffusion of material under solid phase is difficult forming a unique microstructure which is conducive to the transport of ions electrons.

the li3alh6 Al composite prepared by this method has Nano Al particles dispersed on the amorphous li3alh6. It shows 2266 MAH g-1 reversible first turn capacity 88% first turn coulomb efficiency 71% 100 turn capacity retention 1429 MAH g-1 reversible first turn capacity at 1A g-1 current It can be used as negative electrode in all solid state battery (positive electrode is LiCoO2). This strategy can be applied to other lithium deficient electrode materials improve their comprehensive properties. The related work of

was published on advanced energy materials (DOI: 10.1002 / aenm. 201902795) with the title of "solid state prelithiation enables high performance li-al-h anode for solid state batteries". The corresponding author of this article is Professor Zheng Shiyou the first author is Associate Professor Pang yuepeng Wang Xitong. This work is supported by NSFC Shanghai Science Technology Commission.

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