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Application of hollow glass microspheres in plastic and rubber fields

wallpapers News 2021-04-23
Application of hollow glass microspheres in plastic and rubber fields
In the plastics industry, a hollow glass microsphere is a kind of inorganic powder filler developed in recent years. It has a high filling capacity. The plastic filled with it has excellent rheological processing performance, uniform shrinkage, increased impact resistance and other advantages.
Hollow glass beads used in the filling of UHMWPE not only act as a solid lubricant to improve the processing fluidity but also can modify the comprehensive mechanical properties of UHMWPE to improve its strength and wear resistance. The mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength and hardness of nylon 6 with hollow glass beads are improved, and the material aging caused by light and heat can be prevented.
With the increase of the content of hollow glass beads, the Martin-resistant temperature of the material increases.
Used in the production of bearings, cameras, furniture accessories, etc. Using hollow glass beads to fill rigid PVC to produce profiled profiles, pipes and plates can make the material have good dimensional stability, improve the rigidity and heat resistance temperature, and improve the production efficiency.
Filling with ABS can improve the dimensional stability of the material, reduce the shrinkage rate, improve the compressive strength and bending modulus, and improve the performance of the paint on the surface. It can be widely used in the production of TV chassis, auto plastic parts, audio equipment, household appliances.
Filled with epoxy resin, can reduce the material viscosity, improve the physical and mechanical properties, can be used in the production of composite foam plastics, deep-sea submarines, lifeboats, etc.
Filled with unsaturated polyester, can make the material shrinkage rate and water absorption rate decreased, improve the wear resistance, and in laminating and coating cavity is less, can produce FRP products, polishing wheel, tools, etc.;
Application of hollow glass microspheres in artificial marble and wood
Manufacturers are in the United States add artificial marble, hollow glass beads in the long-term production and practical, hollow glass beads as filling material to a certain extent, improve the impact resistance and correct formula products performance of artificial marble association, improved the texture and color of the continuity of the layout, make our products more beautiful and bright.
Greatly reduce the curing time, so that it has a faster die turnover speed, can improve the impact strength to improve the ability to resist cracking, reduce the scrap rate of products, so as to reduce the cost.

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