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Caustic soda rises in Shandong and Hebei in October

wallpapers News 2020-09-28

After returning from the National Day holiday of the 11th National Day, the domestic caustic soda market presented a "chaotic" pattern, the caustic soda merchants could not underst the direct call of the market.

According to the author Liu ruimao's analysis of the major caustic soda markets, under the influence of different regional factors, the market prices also have their own advantages, among which the most volatile most representative are North China East China.

In October, the price of liquid caustic soda in North China, Shong Hebei Province increased by 30-50 yuan, up 6% - 10%.

in East China, Jiangsu Zhejiang Province, the price of liquid caustic soda decreased by 30-60 yuan, or 5% - 8%.

Why the same environment will have different prices? Although the macro environment is the same, due to different regions, there are differences between the supply of goods in the region the downstream consumer market, leading to the rise fall of ex factory pricing.

North China: there are many chlor alkali enterprises to carry out maintenance in autumn winter in October, such as Hebei Shenghua, Hebei Jinniu, Shong Jinling, Shong Wudi Xinyue, Shong Shouguang Xinlong, etc.

, involving a production capacity of more than 2 million tons, the supply of goods has decreased to a certain extent, which leads to the strong bullish mood of manufacturers.

In addition, the consumption of alumina in upstream downstream increases, the new plant of Weiqiao in Shong will put into operation 2 million tons of alumina in October The increase of the dem for liquid caustic soda purchase also promoted the local price of liquid caustic soda.

According to Mr.

Zhang, a senior alumina trader in Shong Province, considering that the current price of alumina is strong, many smelters have a strong intention to store up goods, which also supports the continuous high price of alumina, thus causing the price of liquid alkali to rise many times.

East China: all the chlor alkali enterprises in Jiangsu Zhejiang provinces which were under centralized maintenance resumed production after the National Day holiday, the market supply was sufficient.

At the same time, the production capacity of 160000 tons of caustic soda in Runtu of Zhejiang Province was put into operation on October 6, the trial production of 80000 tons of phase II was planned on October 25, which made the local market supply increase continuously.

However, the dem for printing dyeing chemical fiber in the downstream area entered the off-season, the liquid alkali was collected Under the pressure of the contradiction of limited purchase quantity oversupply, the price of liquid caustic soda in Jiangsu Zhejiang Province was forced to drop many times.

Although the market price has been up down, the influencing factors are also related to the changes of local supply dem, most caustic soda manufacturers can not underst the future market.

On the one h, the contradiction between supply dem of caustic soda market is still prominent.

From January to September 2014, the cumulative output of caustic soda was 23.

739 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 10%, the market supply continued to surge.

At present, among the main downstream consumer industries, the profitability of alumina is still fair, which has certain support for the caustic soda market, the performance of chemical fiber paper industry is still flat, which is still difficult to boost the caustic soda market.

On the other h, under the "new normal" of China's economy, all markets dare not act rashly, the national environmental protection hazardous chemicals transportation inspection have been continuously tightened, which has also slowed down the development process of caustic soda market.

Considering from the macro, policy the problems in the caustic soda market itself, it is difficult for businesses to make their own judgment on the future market for the time being.

They can only st at the "crossroads" wait see.

However, according to Liu ruimao, supply dem are still the most important criteria for judging the market trend of caustic soda in recent years.

When the dem is raised, the dawn of caustic soda market will really come. ().

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