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China's largest petroleum and chemical equipment Industrial Park put into operation

wallpapers News 2020-09-20

high-end equipment Industrial Park in Lanzhou New Area of Lanshi group, China's largest petroleum chemical equipment Industrial Park, was completed put into operation on the 14th. This is the first large-scale enterprise in Lanzhou New Area, which is the strategic platform of China's opening to the West.

industrial park covers an area of nearly 5000 mu, with a total investment of 18 billion yuan. There are more than 3000 sets of large-scale high-end equipment in the park, the numerical control rate of digital display is more than 80%. Among them, nearly 100 sets (sets) of heavy-duty full hydraulic four roll plate bending machine 30000 ton large-scale hydraulic press have reached the international leading level. Industry insiders believe that this is the largest energy high-end equipment R & D, design manufacturing base with the largest scale, the highest equipment level, the fastest construction speed, the best integration of industrialization informatization.

Yang Jianzhong, chairman of

Lanshi, said that he would undertake the glorious mission of safeguarding the national energy strategic security on the platform of China's opening to the West. Relying on the three major industries of high-end equipment R & D manufacturing, real estate modern service, it will further strengthen cooperation with countries along the Silk Road, build Lanshi group into a "domestic leading international first-class" 100 year industry leading enterprise Group.

Lanshi group was founded in 1953. It has produced the first domestic oil drilling rig, the first hydrogenation reactor the first plate heat exchanger in China. It is known as "the cradle backbone of Sinopec machinery" "China's meritorious enterprise in equipping". At present, Lanshi group has become the main industry, covering equipment manufacturing, real estate modern service industry. Its products involve energy equipment, military industry, aerospace, general machinery, agricultural equipment other fields. The annual production capacity of the park will exceed 30 billion yuan the profits taxes will reach 3 billion yuan.

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