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Coal and chemical industry is trapped in the "global market" to protect the box or force industrial upgrading

wallpapers News 2020-10-08

in recent years, the coal chemical industry in the encouragement of the relevant industrial policies, showing a vigorous growth trend, but also because of the frequent exposure of environmental pollution incidents in this industry, it is questioned.

all along, modern coal chemical technology has been regarded as the concept of clean environmental protection, even some people in the industry call it "zero emission".

however, the viewpoint of zero emission of modern coal chemical technology has always been controversial in the industry. Even some people think that the modern coal chemical industry wastewater zero discharge, is actually a false proposition, so far no coal chemical enterprise can really achieve zero emission.

are in an awkward situation.

look at the distribution of coal resources in China, which are mainly distributed in the central western regions. These areas have been dry for a long time, lack of water resources, the ecosystem is also quite fragile, modern coal chemical projects are just concentrated in these areas. From the current stage of technology, it is difficult to leave the role of water in the working process. Although the wastewater from modern coal chemical industry can meet the discharge stard after technical treatment, it is difficult to achieve zero discharge of wastewater due to the shortage of water resources poor natural water purification system in the areas carrying these projects in China. At the same time, the coal chemical project has the problem of high energy consumption large amount of water resources, which is also criticized by the industry.

"coal chemical projects have been under the key supervision of environmental authorities." Chen Bin, a professor at the school of environment at Beijing Normal University, said in an interview with the media.

according to Xinhua energy, in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi other regions where coal chemical enterprises are concentrated, local environmental protection departments often set up a list to supervise the pollution incidents of coal chemical related enterprises.

can not deny that the current coal chemical project exposed waste water flue gas pollution is not a case in point. Coal chemical projects with coal gasification as the leader have all experienced similar environmental problems after being put into operation in recent years. It was thought that coal chemical technology could be used for upgrading coal resources, but environmental protection crisis was constantly encountered. The attitude of

to the environmental protection dilemma of coal chemical enterprises, an official move the attitude expressed by them, have given rise to more uncertain factors in the industry.


on July 17, 2014, the State Energy Administration issued the notice on stardizing the scientific orderly development of coal to oil coal to natural gas industries on its official website. According to the notice, the national development Reform Commission the energy administration are studying formulating the guiding opinions on orderly promoting the construction of coal to liquid demonstration projects the guiding opinions on steadily promoting the industrialization demonstration of coal to natural gas, which will be released implemented in the near future.

soon afterwards, the draft of the above-mentioned two guidelines began to solicit opinions amendments. However, there is no more to this day. According to the relevant officials of the national development Reform Commission to the media, the two guidelines have been put on hold because "the dispute is relatively large the conditions are not mature". In fact, the dilemma of coal chemical industry is not only environmental protection.

    According to Shu Chaoxia, chief expert of Sinopec economic Technological Research Institute, taking propylene as an example, China will have 26 methanol to olefin units one methanol to propylene unit put into operation by 2020, with an additional propylene capacity of nearly 8 million tons / year; 19 sets of propane dehydrogenation units will be put into operation with a new capacity of 10.04 million tons / year; the production capacity of propylene from oil refining cracking will be increased by 9 million tons / year.

if the capacity of the above units can be realized, the domestic propylene production capacity will reach 45 million tons / year by 2020. "Even if some of the capacity resources projects are not implemented, China's propylene production capacity will reach 30 million tons / year by 2015, will exceed 41 million tons / year in 2020." Shu said.

. According to the dem conversion of propylene downstream derivatives, China's Propylene equivalent dem will be 29.6 million tons by 2015, with an average annual growth rate of 7.6% from 2012 to 2015. In 2020, the propylene equivalent dem is predicted to be 38 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 5.3% from 2015 to 2020. Such a comparison, it is expected that China's Propylene capacity will be surplus in 2020.

are second. In recent years, the information that most coal chemical projects are not well managed difficult to make profits has been frequently reported.

according to public data, the performance of CNOOC Baotou coal chemical company is not good, with a loss of 12.8389 million yuan in 2013. Coincidentally, according to Nu, in the middle late August 2014, Datang company stopped production because it was ready to sell the coal to gas project to Shenhua company, carried out relevant sorting accounting.

seek change in difficulties.

our country clearly proposes to build ecological civilization, but there are only two ways in front of us, either actively accept the challenge or be eliminated. In order to realize the transformation upgrading of coal chemical enterprises, it is necessary to realize the transformation upgrading of enterprise environmental protection.

"the newly revised environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China has stricter requirements on the total amount control of regional pollutants, the examination approval of project environmental impact assessment, the environmental protection supervision after the completion of the project, which will have a significant impact on the future development of coal chemical industry." Wang Xingdao, chairman of Beijing Huode Hengtai Energy Co., Ltd.

    In addition, in the air pollution prevention control action plan released in 2013, China proposed to implement special emission limits of air pollutants for new thermal power, steel, petrochemical, chemical other projects in 47 cities across the country. Although the specific limits for the coal chemical industry have not been formulated yet, "after the implementation of the new laws regulations, the environmental protection pressure of coal chemical enterprises will be greater" According to Xingdao analysis.

, but there are also voices in the industry that the increasingly strict environmental protection policy will not only bring pressure to enterprises, but also imply many opportunities.

Professor Feng Lianyong, School of economics, China University of petroleum, believes that the ten measures for the prevention control of air pollution issued by the State Council clearly put forward "accelerating the adjustment of energy structure increasing the supply of clean energy such as natural gas coal to methane". The introduction of these policies is absolutely good news for some coal chemical projects including coal to natural gas.

Feng Lianyong said that the clean efficient
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