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Coal to ethylene glycol technology facing upgrading

wallpapers News 2020-08-14

ethylene glycol is a strategic bulk chemical basic raw material with market capacity second only to ethylene propylene. Its dem in China is very large. Its actual use has exceeded 10 million tons, the latest market price has reached 8000 yuan / ton. However, at present, the production capacity of ethylene glycol in China is only 3 million tons, there are 7 to 8 million tons of imports every year, which restricts the development of polyester downstream industries in China. In recent years, with the rise of coal chemical industry, coal to ethylene glycol has been favored by enterprises. The technology of coal to ethylene glycol is universal, which can produce high value-added glycol, oxalate, oxalic acid, oxalamide, dimethyl carbonate (DMC) other important chemical products. In terms of energy consumption, water consumption cost, the analysis of technical competition with petroleum route shows that coal to ethylene glycol has advantages.

the Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, carried out the research development of coal to ethylene glycol technology earlier, was affirmed by the government. On March 18, 2009, the Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted the achievement appraisal meeting of "ten thous tons of coal to ethylene glycol" industrial process technology in Danyang, Jiangsu Province. The appraisal opinion is: the complete set of technology conforms to the three principles of circular economy has independent intellectual property rights. The popularization application of this technology can replace the traditional petroleum route to prepare ethylene glycol, which is in line with the resource characteristics of China's oil shortage, gas shortage relatively rich coal resources, which will effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply dem of ethylene glycol products in China, have an important positive impact on the national energy chemical industry It has important scientific significance, outsting technological innovation remarkable social economic benefits. The complete set of technology is in the international leading level.

at the academician meeting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese Academy of Sciences in June 2012, General Secretary Hu Jintao affirmed the "successful rendezvous docking of Tiangong-1 Shenzhou-8" achieved by China's scientific technological work in the past two years in accordance with the major strategic needs of national development Industrial application of coal to ethylene glycol methanol to olefins.... " And a series of new achievements progress.

have undergone 100 ton pilot test 10000 ton industrial test. In August 2007, Tongliao Jinmei officially laid the foundation started the construction of 200000 ton coal to ethylene glycol industrial demonstration device (with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan, covering an area of 1500 mu). In December 2009, the trial run was successful, among which the industrial test demonstration are the first in the world. After three years of continuous technical transformation, by 2012, Tongliao Jinmei will produce 120000 tons of ethylene glycol 50000 tons of oxalic acid, realizing the load of 90%. 90% of ethylene glycol products meet the stard of high-grade products, with annual sales of 1.25 billion yuan.

, but even so, the first generation of coal to ethylene glycol technology has developed for nearly five years from its successful commissioning in 2009, the technology is facing many challenges. First of all, the 200000 ton industrial demonstration device is an industrial demonstration device supported by the state, which has not reached its full load has not been given the road strip. In addition, there have been many similar technological competitions in recent years, both at home abroad, the advantages of our first generation technology are gradually being caught up. The continuous innovation of

technology is very important. In the second generation technology we developed, the amount of precious metal used in catalyst is less, the dehydrogenation effect is better, the selectivity is higher, the reaction temperature is lower, the stability of catalyst is also better, the catalytic performance is significantly improved, the selectivity of ethylene glycol is raised to more than or equal to 90%, the laboratory effect is very good at present. We sincerely hope that we can promote the second generation technology to realize pilot scale test even industrialization through the exchange with you. ​

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