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Crude oil drag energy, chemical, rubber and plastic plate continued to decline

wallpapers News 2020-09-19

According to the price monitoring of the business agency, there were 18 kinds of commodities in the 58 price up down list in the 42nd week of 2014 (10.20-10.24), which were mainly in the steel plate (3 kinds) agricultural sideline plate (3 kinds in total).

The top three commodities were natural rubber (stard 1) (2.

44%), polyester POY (2.

21%), zinc (market) (1.82%). A total of 34 commodities decreased on a month on month basis, focusing on energy (7 kinds) rubber plastics (5 kinds in total).

The top three commodities falling were nickel (market) (- 3.

48%), granular sulfur (- 3.

07%) iron ore (Australia) (- 1.52%). In the 42nd week of 2014 (10.20-10.24), the bulk commodity market still showed a situation of falling more, rising less overall downward - 58 commodity list data showed that compared with last week, 58.

62% of the varieties fell, 31.

03% of the varieties rose, the average decline of 58 varieties was - 0.12%. Compared with last week, the most obvious change is that the number of rising varieties has further increased.

Last week, 25.

86% of varieties rose, this week, the proportion of rising varieties rose to 30%, but the proportion of declining varieties still remained unchanged, the proportion of declining varieties has been maintained between 50% 60% for three consecutive weeks.

However, this week's average rise fall (- 0.

12%) has significantly contracted compared with last week (- 0.69%). Compared with last week, the second highlight of this week's market is that some leading products still continue to rise, with outsting performance, among which the most prominent is natural rubber.

Natural rubber has continued its upward trend since it rebounded from the lowest level in five years last week, jumped to the top of the list with a 2.

44% increase this week.

The price control measures of major rubber producing countries the subsidy of Thail government to rubber farmers have boosted the natural rubber market, making the natural rubber market finally see the bright future.

However, natural rubber analysts of business agency believe that although the natural rubber market is rebounding, it is in the peak season of rubber cutting.

Even if many places stop cutting, the supply is still normal, the downstream automobile sales are weak, the tire industry has encountered "double reactions" Under pressure, the overall pattern of weak supply dem has not changed, the rebound road of natural rubber remains variable.

Other varieties such as rebar ( 0.

56%), steam coal ( 1.

43%), coking coal ( 0.

22%) also continued to rise, this week the steel plate showed outsting performance, becoming the main force of the rising plate.

Another point is that the performance of the varieties between the plates is different, the differentiation is serious, the trend has not reached an agreement.

The representative sectors such as energy nonferrous metals.

Among the energy varieties monitored by the business association, coal is stronger than oil oil is weak.

While steam coal, coking coal coke have stopped falling stabilized started to rebound, refined oil has been falling continuously.

With crude oil (down 0.

80% this week), fuel oil (- 0.

12%), gasoline (- 0.

85%) diesel (- 0.

60%) are hard to turn over.

Li Hong, an energy analyst at the business agency, believes that the overall economic weakness around the world is difficult to change, there is little room for oil prices to rise.

In addition, the international crude oil price has been continuously fluctuating falling since September 30, the domestic oil product market is likely to usher in a "seven consecutive falls".

The performance of the other sector of nonferrous metals was also up down.

After two consecutive weeks of decline, the basic metals led by copper ( 0.

66%) zinc ( 1.

82%) ushered in a rebound, while nickel continued to take the bottom among the 58 varieties monitored by the business club this week, becoming the champion of the decline list with a decline of - 3.

48%, but the decline has shrunk compared with last week's - 5.98%. The nonferrous metals market is seriously differentiated still in shock adjustment.

The last point is that the representative varieties of some plates have fallen, the leading role remains unchanged.

Taking crude oil as an example, crude oil continued to drop by 0.

80% this week, while others such as PTA (- 0.

19%), lint (grade 3 inl) (- 0.

05%), methanol (- 0.

79%) PVC (- 0.

13%) other varieties continue to be weak, but it is worth noting that although these varieties are declining, the decline of almost falling varieties has shrunk significantly compared with last week, for example, PTA (- 3.

40%) crude oil (- 3.

64%) have also significantly contracted.

Liu Xintian, editor in chief of the business agency, pointed out that the main "behind the scenes" of the downturn in the commodity market in mid October still came from crude oil.

The falling varieties of energy, chemical rubber plastic sectors were mostly dragged down by crude oil, while some natural rubber varieties had rebounded for two consecutive weeks.

Steam coal rebar also continued to rise, while copper also stopped falling rebounded this week, although crude oil continued to decline this week The above points have basically constituted the framework of market stabilization, the market is expected to improve gradually in late October.

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