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Domestic ethylene glycol butyl ether Market ushers in a real cold winter

wallpapers News 2020-11-08

Seeing off the "iron nine silver ten", the ethylene glycol butyl ether market ushered in a real cold winter.

At present, the mentality of the industry is different.

Most companies believe that the price trend of ethylene glycol butyl ether in November plays a key role in the market at the end of the year.

Therefore, we will analyze the market trend of ethylene glycol butyl ether at the end of the year.

Some people in the industry said that if there is no emergency, the market deadlock of ethylene glycol butyl ether will go down in a narrow range, the price drop space will be 100-200 yuan / ton.

Argument 1: according to the price trend convention in recent years, the market has entered a downturn at the end of the year, the price is likely to go down.

In recent three years, the domestic market price has fluctuated fluctuated, but it is not difficult to find that at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year in the middle of the year, the market will usher in a rebound frenzy.

However, in 2014, the market was not normal.

In the first half of 2014, the contradiction between supply dem was highlighted, the price continued to weaken.

In the second half of the year, the market rebounded slightly, but the rebound was limited.

Compared with the price last year, there was no significant difference.

However, compared with the same period in 2012, the price difference was more than 1000 yuan / ton, which was terrible.

At the end of the year, the market dem became weak, the supply pressure was prominent, the manufacturers' quantity price could not be both, the market low price explorers were frequent.

Therefore, Xiaobian thought that the market could not escape the curse of price drop this year.

However, in the whole year, the profits of enterprises were meager, the pressure of enterprises' operation was not reduced, the possibility of substantial price reduction was not very likely.

The decline was controlled around 100-200 yuan / ton, the operation was mainly in a ststill.

Argument 2: at present, there is a confrontation between dual raw materials multiple spaces.

At the end of the year, the domestic foreign cost is expected to be reduced.

Since this year, the prices of ethylene oxide n-butanol of double raw materials have been in shock operation.

The price trend of ethylene glycol butyl ether is similar to that of n-butanol, which indicates that n-butanol has great influence on the price of ethylene glycol butyl ether.

In recent years, the oil price plummeted, some chemical products went down.

However, due to the shutdown of some manufacturers, the overall social supply capacity of n-butanol was low.

Therefore, when the oil price plummeted, the market did not keep up with the downward trend.

In November, the price of n-butanol showed an upward trend due to the improvement of equipment maintenance.

Another raw material ethylene oxide, the market continues to be depressed, falling price rumors have been released for a long time, there is no sign of actual downward trend.

Under the support of cost, the current ethylene glycol butyl ether Market is temporarily stagnant.

However, most manufacturers are pessimistic about the later stage of raw materials.

Foreign manufacturers are under pressure on production sales.

The external market has been reduced by a narrow margin, there is still room for correction.

Therefore, the domestic foreign cost at the end of the year is weak, which aggravates the bearish atmosphere in the ethylene glycol butyl ether Market.

Argument 3: under the guidance of the relationship between supply dem, the market lacks substantial favorable support.

Supply dem are the key factors affecting the price trend.

Supply is out of balance prices fall into turbulence.

The impact of cost is weakened, dem determines prices.

From January to September this year, the total domestic import volume was nearly 100000 tons, the average monthly import volume was more than 10000 tons.

According to the statistical data of import ships cargoes in October, the total domestic import volume in October was around 12800 tons.

At present, the monthly dem of the whole country was less than 10000 tons, the purchasing volume of traders in November should not be underestimated.

Therefore, the editor thinks that the pressure of supply of goods in the market will not decrease at the end of the year there is a contradiction between supply dem in the market Highlight.

At present, the supply of goods in the market is relatively concentrated, manufacturers are reluctant to sell, but it is difficult to achieve both the quantity price, there is a small downward expectation in the market.

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