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E-commerce: catalyst for petrochemical industry transformation

wallpapers News 2020-11-14

"At present, China's petrochemical industry market dem has entered a period of gentle growth, industry production has entered a loose supply period, chemical products have entered a period of fierce competition.

The development of petrochemical enterprises has entered a period of innovation of transformation upgrading.

Information technology represented by e-commerce is an important way for enterprises to win future competitive advantages.

" On November 16, Zhao Jungui, vice president Secretary General of China Petroleum Chemical Industry Federation, made such a conclusion when attending 2014 International (Zibo) Petroleum chemical o2o mode exhibition enterprise e-commerce application forum.

In his speech, Zhao Jungui pointed out that in the situation of slow growth difficult structural adjustment in the petrochemical industry, promoting the integrated application of information building a new innovation system, production system, management system marketing system in the petrochemical industry have become the inherent inevitable requirements for the transformation upgrading of the petrochemical industry promoting the innovation of enterprise business model.

The industry should pay attention to the integration development of informatization petrochemical industry represented by e-commerce.

Focusing on the transformation of economic growth mode, the innovation of business model, the promotion of international competitiveness of the industry, breaking through the rigid constraints of resources energy environment, reducing the cost increasing efficiency of enterprises, the industry should further explore new ways ideas for the integration of informatization petrochemical industry.

When talking about the development prospect of e-commerce in petrochemical industry, Zhao Jungui put forward three suggestions: first, further strengthen the exchange cooperation between e-commerce petrochemical industry.

The second is to further improve the ability of e-commerce enterprises to serve the petrochemical industry.

The third is to further improve the awareness level of the application of e-commerce in petrochemical enterprises.

Experts enterprise representatives at the meeting also generally recognized the irreplaceable catalytic boosting role of e-commerce in the transformation upgrading of petrochemical industry.

They believe that the petrochemical industry overcapacity, poor product sales, capital shortage has become a prominent problem in the entire petrochemical industry chain, adjust strategy, optimize products, reduce costs, open up sales channels, low-cost financing is the only way for enterprises, e-commerce can show their talents in these aspects.

Hu Yuyue, a professor at Beijing business Business University, pointed out in his report that the commodity market has bid farewell to the golden age has entered the buyer's market.

The general trend of the consumer Internet has been set, the industrial Internet is on the rise.

The advantages of the consumer Internet leaders represented by "bat" in the industrial internet no longer exist, so shuffling reconstruction are inevitable.

Not long ago, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on accelerating the development of producer services promoting the adjustment upgrading of industrial structure, which provided strong support for petrochemical enterprises to use information technology for transformation upgrading.

Liang Chunxiao, vice president of Alibaba group, said in his speech that today's China is in an era of profound change, the Internet will permeate all industries.

He predicted that by 2020, the scale of e-commerce economy will reach 47.

8 trillion yuan, 5.

8 times that of 2012, which will bring subversive changes to the five major modes of production, sales, inventory, advertising management of traditional enterprises.

A whole set of new economic system is rising in the information age.

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