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Gas shortage will become history

wallpapers News 2020-07-22

On October 20, China's Ministry of l resources issued the latest China mineral resources report (2014).

According to the report, in 2013, a total of 615.

911 billion cubic meters of natural gas were added.

The proven reserves of natural gas have increased significantly.

At the same time, the domestic natural gas liquefaction pipeline transportation capacity has been developing rapidly in recent years, the domestic natural gas supply has also increased significantly.

But the dem gap is still huge.

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the domestic natural gas import volume in 2006 was only 950 million cubic meters, the total consumption in the same year was only 56.

141 billion cubic meters.

However, by 2012, the total import volume increased sharply to 42.

06 billion cubic meters, the total consumption increased to 146.

3 billion cubic meters simultaneously.

The supply gap caused by the rapid growth of consumption is affected by the shortage of domestic production capacity import volume, which continues to perplex the development of domestic natural gas consumption.

Over the years, the seasonal fluctuation of natural gas supply dem is extremely obvious.

In the near winter, the gas shortage has once again entered the sight of many people including ordinary people.

In the past few years, when the dem for natural gas is in peak season, gas shortage will follow.

There is a shortage of feed gas from the source to the downstream gas stations at the final end.

But after nearly ten years of rapid development since 2006, the natural gas supply capacity has made great progress.

Gas shortage may disappear from this year.

For the domestic natural gas demers, the solution to the problem of gas shortage will not hinder the production process due to insufficient natural gas supply in the peak dem season, which is good for the development of various industries.

But we have to pay attention to whether the gas shortage will lead to oversupply.

The lessons learned from many industries have caused the warning of the natural gas industry.

In recent years, coal to gas, urban gas pipeline network construction many other aspects have obviously promoted the development of natural gas downstream dem.

However, at present, the cost of coal to gas has increased, the pipeline network construction process is slow.

There are still some obstacles for the application of natural gas in industry.

The overall dem development seems to be in a bottleneck.

If domestic natural gas production imports continue to develop at a high speed, the risk of excess will become more obvious.

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