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Glyphosate needs to wait patiently if it wants to "lift its brow and puff up"

wallpapers News 2020-06-18

market fluctuation

From January to August this year, the overall glyphosate price of

showed an n-shaped trend. Driven by dem at the beginning of the year, the price rose slightly to around 35000 yuan / ton. However, with the increase of the construction of mainstream manufacturers, the market supply gradually became sufficient. In addition, under the low price of some small medium-sized manufacturers, the price began to decline, all the way down to 27000 yuan / ton, the low-end transaction once dropped to 27000 yuan / ton/ Below tons. Then, supported by glyphosate environmental protection verification, as only four enterprises passed the first batch, the price of glyphosate increased slightly. However, the first verification did not impose sanctions on those enterprises that failed to pass the verification, so the price rise stopped abruptly. Some mainstream manufacturers traders began to negotiate to increase the glyphosate price. Traders hoarded a lot of goods, creating signs of market dem improving. With the temperature rising, some manufacturers began to enter the routine maintenance season, resulting in temporary tension in the market supply, prices began to stop falling rebound. Traders' hype began to show initial results, but the good times did not last long Not as the market shows, there is no large dem for pharmaceutical factories, foreign companies have also significantly cut back on their procurement plans, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply dem, the price has gone down again. So far, the price has dropped again to 27000-27500 yuan / ton.

showed no obvious market rise in October At present, the main glyphosate production plants of

have been started at a normal level. Most of the manufacturers have carried out annual routine maintenance to prepare for the later foreign trade market. At present, the factory mainly exports water, which digests a large amount of technical drug inventory, but it is the market that the glyphosate technical drug inventory is still sufficient. Although some preparation plants in the early stage of Shanghai Technical drug exhibition, the production of glyphosate is still sufficient There are a small number of replenishment orders, but it has little impact on the overall price. Therefore, it is not obvious that the glyphosate market will pick up in October, the foreign trade dem will enter the domestic market after November. The environmental impact cost of

increased by 27000 yuan / ton is the bottom line of

At present, the only good thing about

in glyphosate industry is environmental protection. Glyphosate environmental protection verification is undergoing the second batch of audit. As only four enterprises in the first batch have passed, most mainstream manufacturers hope to pass the second batch smoothly. They have invested a lot of money to improve their environmental protection facilities. Through the investigation of several mainstream factories, it is known that they want to pass the environmental protection inspection About 100 million yuan is needed to improve the mother liquor treatment facilities of glyphosate, resulting in an increase of 2000-3000 yuan / ton of glyphosate environmental protection cost, the final cost will be transferred to the glyphosate price. At present, the raw material cost of glycine method Ida method is about 22000-23000 yuan / ton, the comprehensive cost of glyphosate is about 24000-25000 yuan / ton. According to the current transaction price of glyphosate around 27500 yuan / ton, the gross profit rate of glyphosate is only around 3000 yuan / ton. It is expected that there is little room for the price of glyphosate to continue to decline in the future.

are still good in the future

for the later glyphosate price trend, the author thinks that before the Shanghai Technical drug exhibition, the glyphosate price will still slightly drop to 27000 yuan / ton, it is unlikely to continue to go down. After the Shanghai exhibition, there will be a large increase in the number of inquiries from the Americas, the price will rise slightly, it will continue to show an upward trend. The glyphosate price is expected to rise around December It is very likely to reach more than 29000 yuan / ton.

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