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Israel Produces Reusable High-Density Cotton Masks

wallpapers News 2020-04-19

In response to the shortage of medical surgical masks during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Israel is mass-producing reusable and reusable masks, which come in different sizes and are suitable for children and men with large beards. It is reported that the Israeli government announced on the 12th that Israelis must cover their mouths and noses in public. However, the tightening of global medical equipment makes disposable masks very scarce or overpriced. After sending the intelligence agency Mossad abroad to find supplies and allow its citizens to use scarves or other temporary emergency masks, the Israeli government turned to local experts. Eventually, Israel began to make masks with high-density cotton similar to bed linen. This mask can be sterilized in the washing mode of 60 degrees Celsius of the washing machine, and it is possible to reuse it for several weeks.

Although the government bears the initial cost, Israel plans to produce more masks and sell them in stores for about $ 2 (about RMB 14) each. "Each mask can be used dozens of times, so buy five masks for less than $ 10. and you can use them for a few months." Many Jews, Muslims, and some Christian clergy in Israel have beards because of their religious beliefs. Most masks are white, because "some types of pigmentation can show respiratory tract risk," and "white is dirty, which can serve as a reminder to clean in time."

Linear bearings are an essential part of mask machines. Linear bearings are widely used in conjunction with quenched linear drive shafts—a system for infinite linear motion. The load ball and the quenching drive shaft are point-contacted, so the allowable load is small, but indirect action, the friction resistance is minimal, the precision is high, and the movement is fast.

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