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Ordos coal chemical industry ushers in new development opportunities

wallpapers News 2020-07-08
It is understood that with the development of China's chemical industry, the development utilization of clean energy has gradually become the focus. Recently, in order to realize the industrial upgrading of Ordos City, the construction of modern coal chemical production demonstration base clean energy export base is the implementation of the autonomous region's "8337" strategy According to the requirements of the "collection" "increase" five articles, combined with the road of "modernization of traditional coal chemical industry large-scale modern coal chemical industry", the coal chemical industry in Ordos will usher in a new development opportunity by adjusting measures to local conditions, grasping the key points, finding the breakthrough point playing the characteristic br.

accurately grasp the development status trend of modern coal chemical industry. China has always held a cautious attitude towards the development of coal chemical industry. So far, no policy has been issued to encourage support the large-scale development of coal chemical industry. The basic development ideas are: resolutely curb the expansion development of traditional coal chemical industry, actively steadily carry out the construction of modern new coal chemical industry upgrading demonstration project. Requirements of 2014 National Energy Conference: according to the most stringent energy efficiency environmental protection stards, actively steadily promote the industrialization demonstration of coal to gas coal to liquid, encourage the utilization of coal by different quality. In August 2014, the national development Reform Commission issued the catalogue of encouraged industries in Western China, focusing on supporting some coal based fine chemicals, deep processing of anhydrous coal tar high-volume fly ash building materials products, as well as the manufacturing of some large-scale, complete sets high-end equipment. The coal to gas coal to liquid (except Ningxia) with high voice were not included in the list.

(2) at present, the coal chemical industry is in a situation of great momentum small action. All the major coal producing areas in China put local conversion in the first place. The total investment of coal chemical industry planning in the 12th Five Year Plan has exceeded 200 billion yuan, a large number of coal chemical projects have been initiated entered the early stage. However, another situation is also alerting the industry. For example, many projects have been "chemical" phenomenon, some large domestic enterprises have been brought into the field of coal chemical industry in order to obtain coal resources, such as Huaneng, Guodian Datang. The pace of construction has slowed down, the completion operation is not stable, the enthusiasm of follow-up investment is not high. The main reasons for this situation are: first, the technology is not mature, many follow-up projects hold a wait--see attitude. After the first phase of coal to gas project in Datang Keqi county was completed, due to the corrosion of chloride ions on the inner wall of gasifier, maintenance was stopped a large amount of money was spent on technical transformation. Second, large investment, long payback period, enterprises take great risks. Taking Lurgi Gasifier, a relatively mature gasifier in the industry, as an example, a set of gasifier with an annual output of 4 billion square meters was put into operation, with an investment of up to 24 billion yuan. Under the tight financial situation, it is difficult to get funds in place. Third, most of the coal chemical projects consume water seriously the cost of pollution treatment is huge. Most coal rich areas are water shortage areas, while coal chemical industry is a high water consumption industry, which has the dilemma of competing with the project location for water resources; the cost of "zero emission" claimed by coal chemical project is huge, but the profit is sharply reduced due to environmental protection investment.

correctly underst grasp the development direction of coal chemical industry in Ordos.

should further establish the important position of coal chemical industry in Ordos economy. Based on the resource endowment existing industrial structure of Ordos, coal industry, especially coal chemical industry, is still one of the leading forces of the city's economy in the current future quite long period. Bai Yugang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, proposed that the resource-based industry should be based on transformation value-added, coal should be the basis. Efforts should be made to do a good job in the five articles of "refinement", "transformation", "long-term", "collection" "increase", so as to build a national clean energy export base a national new coal chemical production demonstration base. The "five articles" are all around the coal industry. The coal chemical industry plays a huge role in driving the asset investment of the park, the transformation of resources, the overall transformation of Ordos. Therefore, finding the development path of coal chemical industry in Ordos can also find a reliable way of transformation development.

(2) the development status of coal chemical industry in Ordos. According to the coal chemical production capacity under construction proposed, the city has formed a coal to liquid production capacity of 1.24 million tons; 6 coal to natural gas projects with a total scale of 23.6 billion cubic meters have been obtained agreed to carry out preliminary work; the production capacity of coal to olefins, ethylene glycol fine chemicals under construction reaches 5.3 million tons. In terms of scale, the coal chemical industry in our city has a certain development foundation, the follow-up ability is also gradually enhanced. However, there are some outsting problems to be solved urgently: the industrial level is low, the proportion of modern coal chemical industry is small, accounting for 25%; the project is advancing slowly. At present, most of the coal to gas projects have not been started or stopped; In addition, there are a series of problems, such as the shortage of water resources, the lack of environmental capacity, the weak power of safety supervision, the unsound transportation system the lag of personnel training.

take separate utilization as an important breakthrough, create "Erdos upgraded version",

in the field of coal chemical industry. As an important development path of modern coal chemical industry, coal to liquid, coal to gas separate utilization follow the development idea of polygeneration. As "Star" products, coal to liquid coal to gas have attracted more attention from the government, enterprises society. However, in terms of the scale of investment the number of planned projects, the utilization of different quality has developed into a modern coal chemical industry which can be combined with coal to gas coal to oil The main form of coal conversion is comparable. Only in July this year, the State Energy Administration organized experts to demonstrate six large-scale coal quality utilization projects in Zhundong, Xinjiang, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. In addition, other major coal producing areas in the country also plan to have several quality utilization projects with conversion capacity of more than 10 million tons. In the coal producing areas of Western China, if the separate utilization process is used to convert 1 billion tons of raw coal in situ, it can save more than 150 million tons of coal produce 150 million tons of clean energy (oil gas equivalent), which is conducive to alleviating the problem of high dependence of China's oil natural gas on foreign countries; It can produce 500 million tons of clean coal, which can be supplied to civil boilers industrial kilns in the central eastern regions, which will greatly alleviate the local pollution problems; it can provide 60 million tons of basic chemical raw materials such as aromatics olefins to the market, which is conducive to alleviating the problems of scattered production of chemical raw materials, low energy efficiency difficult pollution control.

(2) the utilization of coal quality has the comparative advantages of low energy consumption high energy efficiency. Major coal producing areasThe way of coal transformation depends on the coal quality of the region. Dongsheng Shenfu coalfield is rich in low rank coal characterized by low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus high calorific value. This kind of coal is very suitable for development according to the way of quality utilization. Compared with coal to oil coal to gas, the advantages of separate utilization in energy consumption energy efficiency are obvious, which is in line with the current situation of large reserves of low rank coal, abundant coal power resources shortage of water resources in our city.

(3) there are ready-made large-scale projects to support the utilization of coal quality. Because of the insight into the huge business opportunities contained in the utilization of different quality coal, there are 10 million tons of coal quality utilization project, 10 million tons of low rank coal clean efficient comprehensive utilization demonstration project, 7.2 million tons of low rank coal comprehensive utilization supporting construction demonstration project have been settled in Shengyuan coal chemical industry base. Through the brief analysis of 10 million tons of coal quality utilization project, we can clearly see its advantages. The first is the investment cost of technology equipment. For example, the cost of technology equipment for coal to gas coal to oil accounts for more than 80% of the total investment, while the technology equipment of the project of separate utilization accounts for 68%. Many core equipment are localized, the cost is relatively low. For coal chemical projects that often invest more than 10 billion yuan, the space ratio of cost reduction is large. The second is the product line. The project of coal quality utilization produces three product lines. The first layer is to inject high-quality blast furnace coal by pyrolysis upgrading of low-grade coal to replace anthracite, so as to alleviate the shortage of coal injection resources. Blast furnace coal injection can be used for power generation. In fact, the project also supports large-scale power plants can be used as raw materials for further gasification liquefaction, has achieved the first cleaning In the second layer, a certain amount of liquid hydrocarbons (mainly coal tar) high calorific value coke oven gas are recovered. After light treatment, the liquid hydrocarbons are made into diesel oil gasoline, the gas is separated liquefied natural gas is produced. The third layer is to develop coal-based fine chemicals coal-based carbon materials with various products obtained from the first stage of pyrolysis as raw materials, so as to obtain higher grade products. In the whole process, sulfur element in coal can be recovered made into by-products. Nitrogen element is discharged in the form of nitrogen in the upgrading process, which does not pollute the environment can realize clean efficient comprehensive utilization of coal. The third is the economic aspect of products. Compared with the coal to liquid coal to gas projects, the economic advantages are obvious. According to the investment return rate of each project, it takes 8 years for direct liquefaction, 11.1 years for coal to gas 5.4 years for polygeneration. It can be seen that the highest economic output is difficult to use regardless of the quality.

several problems that should be paid attention to in the process of promoting modern coal chemical industry in Erdos. Over the years, it has been proved that the larger the scale of investment the more high-tech coal chemical projects, the greater the variables for their launch. For example, the Yulin 100 billion coal chemical project cooperated by Shenhua Dow. Restricted by financing technology, large-scale coal chemical projects have also adopted the way of construction in stages batches. Some of the existing "roadblocks" were set up at the time when the allocation of resources was the hottest. The decline of coal price had a great impact on the start-up of the projects. With the implementation of the lifelong project responsibility system, the pace of projects on large-scale central enterprises will become more more stable, the three to five-year demonstration projects will become the "new normal". Therefore, our city's investment promotion should be based on regional reality, combined with regional industrial planning resource endowment, should be supported.

(2) solve the problem of water shortage. The main problem of coal chemical industry water consumption in our city is not the total shortage. Some projects are under construction have not been put into production, so the water diversion project can not be started; some projects have never been started, but they occupy water index, resulting in water index "idling" objectively wasting resources. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for clearing returning water indicators, determine the projects that will not be started. It is suggested that the relevant departments should take back the indicators according to the regulations rules according to the regulations. In the long run, we should solve the problem of water shortage from three directions: first, promote the trans regional water right replacement exp the total industrial water index of the whole city; second, make full use of the drainage water of mining area, carry out scientific statistics planning of the drainage water, actively strive for the utilization index of the drainage water, form a comprehensive utilization system of the drainage water in the eastern southern mining areas; The third is to study the water-saving measures of coal chemical projects, actively introduce successful systematic water-saving technologies apply them to coal chemical projects, strengthen the research development, tracking introduction of water-saving technologies.

(3) take environmental protection seriously. The main pollutants discharged by modern coal chemical industry include carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, high concentrated brine waste residue. From the existing industrial practice, the treatment of high concentrated brine is the most difficult. For example, for the coal to oil project, the treatment cost of a ton of high concentration brine is as high as 60 yuan; for the coal to gas project, the initial investment in environmental protection accounts for about 10% of the total investment. After the project is officially put into operation, the operating cost is still high. The high cost of environmental protection treatment leads to the sharp decrease of enterprise profits, which seriously restricts its development. In the face of this situation, the first is to strengthen the source control, strive to make a breakthrough in technology, digest the waste from the whole production process; the second is to choose the appropriate industrial development path according to the local conditions, choose the more reasonable ideas such as separate utilization based on the city's coal quality coal types overall environmental conditions, strive to strangle the pollution source in the front end reduce the amount surface of pollution.

(4) actively build security system. One is to set up a fire brigade. At present, most of the existing fire-fighting forces are conventional fire-fighting. Facing the more difficult chemical fire-fighting, the strength of our city is obviously insufficient. To rely on Shenhua, Yitai, China coal other large enterprises to establish a fire brigade. In the way of enterprise oriented government subsidy, four fire brigades with personnel technology reaching a certain scale were set up in four regions of southeast northwest of the city. Second, give full play to the role of experts. Set up coal chemical experts inspection team, implement monthly inspection system, find problems, timely rectification. Through the combination of external employment self-cultivation, we established the city's coal chemical safety supervision expert database, consulted the city's coal chemical projects one by one every month, proposed hidden dangers rectification plans. Carry out pre construction physical examination for coal chemical project to ensure that the project does not take the post with disease. The relevant departments should organize experts to control the technical process before construction, so as to prevent accidents in advance.

(5) increase the construction of transportation marketing channels. It is estimated that by 2017, the transportation volume of coal chemical goods in the city will reach 9.1 million tons
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