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Small: scar tissue targeting polymer nanomicelles for spinal cord injury

wallpapers News 2020-11-26

spinal cord injury often brings irreversible neurological damage to patients. Although new drugs have been found reported most of them fail to achieve satisfactory efficacy due to the lack of effective concentration in injured spinal cord.

in order to improve the delivery efficiency of neuroprotective drugs in spinal cord injury the team of Chen Qixin Department of orthopedics Second Hospital of Zhejiang University Tang Jianbin nano center College of chemical engineering Zhejiang University designed constructed a kind of polymer prodrug nanoparticles that can actively target spinal cord injury tissue. For the first time it was found that the esterase activity of microglia increased significantly after inflammatory stimulation. Therefore our team linked apocynin (apo) with esterase response bond to obtain amphiphilic polymer Papo modified the hydrophilic end of the polymer with scar tissue homing polypeptide caqk finally self-assembled the targeted micelles (CPAM). The results showed that caqk could significantly enhance the accumulation of nanoparticles in spinal cord injury tissues. Moreover CPAM can effectively degrade release in the injured site significantly alleviate oxidative stress injury alleviate secondary spinal cord injury promote the recovery of motor function in mice with spinal cord injury. In this study the scar tissue after injury was used as a "slow-release port" the design of targeting peptide modified prodrug nanoparticles was used to realize the effective aggregation in situ release of prodrug nanoparticles at the injury site which provided a new strategy for targeted therapy after spinal cord injury.

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