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The chemical market is close to the bottom and is expected to turn around in December

wallpapers News 2020-07-20
According to the latest price monitoring of

business agency, in the 45th week of 2014 (11.10-11.14), the performance of domestic chemical market was weak, the price index of chemical industry fell to 843 points, 6.0% lower than the previous week According to the distribution of varieties on the up down list, the falling varieties decreased compared with the previous week, the average rise fall slowed down, indicating that it was close to the bottom of this round of downward trend. However, due to the sharp fall of international crude oil price since Wednesday, it fell to 73.35 US dollars / barrel on Friday, exceeding the expectations of market participants. It is expected that the chemical market will continue to explore for a new balance in the coming week. According to the data of

, a total of 20 commodities in the chemical industry sector rose month on month in the price list of bulk commodities, with acetic acid (1.35%), propane (1.27%) acrylic acid (0.75%).

decreased by 58 kinds of commodities on a month on month basis, 1 commodity with a decline of more than 5%, accounting for 0.9% of the total number of commodities monitored in this sector; the top three products of decline were coal tar high temperature (- 9.97%), styrene (- 4.71%), PX (- 4.69%)

last week, the international crude oil price broke through the bottom line, WTI plummeted to around $73 / barrel. The cost support of the whole petrochemical sector was lacking, the internal external prices fell again again. The products most affected were styrene, pure benzene, toluene, PX, ox, maleic anhydride, coal tar, propylene, etc.

Zhang Ming, senior analyst in chemical industry of

business society, believes that the sharp drop in crude oil price makes the chemical market with signs of bottoming again face a rapid downward situation. In the past two weeks, the main downward products remain concentrated in aromatics, olefins, alcohols ketones, while the trend of inorganic chemical products is relatively stable. It can be seen that the primary negative factor is cost transmission, the secondary is cost transmission On the positive side, the positive factor was the short-term supply shortage caused by plant maintenance. In the second half of the fourth quarter, exports will gradually decrease, the operating rate of domestic downstream chemical enterprises will also decrease in turn. However, a series of tariff adjustment, preferential cancellation VAT recovery policies will be in the end of November December At the beginning of the release, the chemical market is expected to hit the bottom rebound with the start of stock preparation before the year.

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