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The export of chemical industry is still booming. APEC affects the short-term supply and demand of the industry

wallpapers News 2020-07-26

on November 8, the General Administration of Customs released the import export data of October. In October, China's total import export value was 368.33 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.4%, export of 206.87 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.6%; import of 161.46 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.6%; of which, the export data of 11.6% is better than the expected 9%. According to the comparison of the growth rate of chemical industry the whole society's export, the export of chemical industry will maintain a high growth rate; On November 1, the export order index of China Mining PMI chemical raw materials in October was 54.6, which also indicated that the export of chemical industry in November would maintain a high growth rate. Compared with the extremely weak domestic dem, export has become the most important driving force to stimulate the dem of chemical industry. We should continue to pay attention to the pulling effect of foreign dem export on the chemical industry, pay attention to export-oriented chemical products. With the opening of the APEC meeting, the export-oriented chemical industry will continue to be concerned, The production of enterprises around Beijing the logistics transportation of dangerous goods are affected, which will have an impact on the supply dem of short-term chemicals.

are worthy of attention this week:

liquid chlorine increased by 2.78% this week, the latest price in East China was 925 yuan / ton. The downstream chlorine consumption industry in Northern Jiangsu Province started to improve, the dem increased, the local market supply was relatively tight. At present, although the enterprises in Shong Province maintained the market supply decreased, at the same time, affected by the APEC environmental protection inspection, more downstream chlorine consuming enterprises shut down limited production, the dem side shrank, The market may rebound, Hebei other markets around Shong have a strong wait--see atmosphere.

acetic acid increased by 1.56% this week, the latest price in East China was 3250 yuan / ton. This week, due to the slow recovery of the overall operating load of glacial acetic acid manufacturers, the spot supply in the market was tight. In addition, the market sales in the early stage were good the manufacturers' inventory was low, so the pressure was small, driving the market to rise. However, the overall trend of acetic acid downstream product market was not optimistic, Therefore, the overall support on the dem side is not strong enough. In addition, the price of methanol, the main raw material, is relatively weak, the cost does not support acetic acid. Therefore, we judge that the consolidation of acetic acid in the future is mainly.

propylene increased by 1.12% this week, the latest price of Lijin Petrochemical was 9900 yuan / T. in the middle of this week, the propylene inventory of local refineries in Shong Province was low, the market atmosphere was strong, which supported the price rise of propylene. However, some downstream manufacturers thought that the upward momentum was insufficient showed a little resistance. At the weekend, the crude oil market was sluggish, the dem for propylene downstream products was general, the price support for propylene was limited, the market offer was stable. In addition, during the APEC meeting, most of the local digestion was dominated, the dem for propylene downstream products was general. Under the influence of many factors, the propylene price support is limited, then tends to be stable. It is expected that the propylene market will be stable in the next week, with a change range of 100-200 yuan / ton.

polyester POY decreased by 11.86% this week, the latest price of 150D / 48F in East China was 7800 yuan / ton. The overall dem of downstream was weak this week, the production sales atmosphere of polyester fiber market fell. At present, the upstream raw material market continued to oscillate weakly, the supporting role of polyester cost was weakened. At the same time, the downstream purchase intention was not big, the transaction atmosphere of polyester filament market fell down. However, due to the low overall inventory of polyester fiber factories, the overall inventory of polyester fiber factories was not high, The price drop is not big, it is expected that the domestic polyester market will continue to be weak in the near future, the price may decline slightly.

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