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The trend of global HDPE resin market is increasingly dependent on packaging market

wallpapers News 2020-10-07

globally, lebasell, PetroChina, Chevron Phillips, Dow Chemical SABIC are the largest HDPE producers at present. In the next three years, the food beverage packaging market will become the main driving force to push up the trend of global HDPE resin market. In addition, with the increasing popularity of the concept of "replacing steel with plastic", the application scope of HDPE in the construction field will be further exped.

according to the latest report released by lucintel, a well-known market research institution, the global market value of HDPE will exceed 74 billion US dollars in 2017, to 74.5 billion US dollars. In the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the largest HDPE market in the world.

report pointed out that with the strong rebound of global packaging, construction other industries, its dem for HDPE is increasing year by year. It is expected that during 2014-2017, the trend of global HDPE market is expected to further strengthen. Conclusion:

in recent years, plastic packaging plastic packaging products in the market share is growing. Common plastic packaging films include PVA coated high barrier film, tape cast polypropylene film, polyester film, low density polyethylene film, biaxially oriented polypropylene film, etc. The emergence of plastics from the beginning is not used to now can not do without, at present, the proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry has exceeded 30%, become the new force in the packaging industry, under the promotion of the continuous development of the new era, plastic is not only packaging, but also a trend, will replace more materials in the future. We are used to drinking coffee in paper cups, but in the near future, you may be attracted to plastic coffee cups, because Berry Plastics versalite fully recyclable PP will be made into disposable plastic cups. In the future, plastics will undoubtedly continue to replace more materials in other markets in the packaging field.

have certain difficulties in obtaining recycled plastics, the quantity is still limited. However, if each party in the supply chain can communicate cooperate with each other, the utilization rate of recycled plastics in the packaging industry will certainly improve in 2014, which is a win-win thing for any party. Move towards higher goals. In the world, there are countless people who suffer from hunger, but the phenomenon of food waste emerges in endlessly. Packaging plays an important role in helping to solve this contradiction. The plastic packaging market is gradually on the right track, with broad development prospects. As the largest plastic application area, its development speed is growing, which has surpassed other packaging materials such as cardboard metal. In the future, the market will grow stronger stronger.

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