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Weekly report of basic chemical industry: falling oil prices drag down prices of chemicals

wallpapers News 2020-11-07

this week, the 16 chemical products tracked by China Merchants Chemical Co., Ltd. rose 9% fell 5 flat, while the business climate index of China Merchants chemical industry was - 7, with a month on month decline. Price rising varieties are: hydrochloric acid, PVC; falling varieties are: nitric acid, high pressure PE, PP, cis-1,4-butadiene, pure benzene, toluene, urea, calcium carbide. Among the 99 chemical related products monitored by us, the average price of 15 kinds increased month on month, 43 kinds fell 41 kinds remained flat.

the price of chemical products rose or fell by top 10 this week. The top gainers were liquid ammonia (Hebei Xinhua, 4.0%), hydrochloric acid (Yangtze River Delta, 2.8%), polyester staple fiber (Na, 2.4%), polyester FDY (East China, 2.3%), polyester chip (East China, 2.1%), p-xylene (Yangtze River Delta, 1.7%), DMF (East China, 1.6%), acetic acid (East China, 1.5%), DAP (Yangtze River Delta, 1.3%), sulfur (CFR Zhonggu, 0.8%). The top falling varieties: liquid chlorine (Yangtze River Delta, - 29.4%), propylene (FOB, - 8.1%), WTI crude oil (- 6.5%), vinyl acetate (East China, - 6.2%), styrene (Korea FOB, - 4.9%), cis-1-butadiene rubber (Yangtze River Delta, - 3.9%), ethylene (CFR, - 3.9%), phenol (East China, - 3.6%), acetone (East China, - 3.6%), acrylic acid (Yangtze River Delta, - 3.0%). The oil prices of

fell sharply, while the prices of butadiene, rubber acrylic acid in the downstream fell. On Thursday, OPEC announced that crude oil production would not be reduced, the oil price was significantly adjusted. The weekly average price of WTI crude oil fell by 6.5%, is now quoted at US $66.2/barrel. As the cost moved down, downstream petrochemical products fell, while butadiene, Br acrylic acid fell by 2.7%, 3.9% 3.0% respectively. Good rubber products industry, pay attention to Sailun Co., Ltd., Baotong belt industry so on. The price of

polyester increased. This week, the price of polyester filament staple fiber increased by 2.4% 2.8% respectively, now we offer 8850 yuan / ton 8350 yuan / ton respectively. Recently, both Yisheng Xianglu upstream PTA plants plan to carry out plant maintenance in December. Although the oil price has fallen, PTA has a small decline, the downstream polyester inventory is not high the price is rising, which promotes the polyester price to rise. It is expected that the polyester price will be difficult to maintain under the pressure of cost reduction in the future market. Related companies are Hengyi petrochemical, Rongsheng petrochemical, etc. In the off-season of

, MDI prices fell. This week, the average prices of pure MDI polymerized MDI in China fell by 1.3% 2.2% respectively, the guaranteed income is 18800 yuan / ton 15300 yuan / ton respectively. The industry is in the low season of downstream dem. The upstream raw materials of pure benzene aniline have been adjusted due to the sharp drop of oil price. The price of MDI also has a downward driving force. The industry competition is benign, the price drop is small, the price difference is exping. Related companies are Wanhua chemical. The price of

titanium dioxide was slightly adjusted. This week, the domestic price of rutile titanium dioxide fell 200 yuan / ton to 12600 yuan / ton. At present, it has come to the off-season of consumption, the downstream procurement is reduced, the price of titanium dioxide falls in line with the judgment. The recovery of dem supply adjustment need to be considered in the future. The company has Bailian, Jinpu titanium industry, China Nuclear titanium dioxide.

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