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Weekly report of chemical industry: ethylene glycol market price rises

wallpapers News 2020-07-26
The fall of

crude oil price is good for the long-term of chemical industry: we believe that the decline of oil price is good for the long-term of the chemical industry. This drop in oil price is different from the sharp contraction in the dem side in 2008. The drop in crude oil price is mainly due to the impact on the supply side. The drop in oil price is conducive to the cost reduction of the chemical industry good for the long-term of the chemical industry. The main beneficiaries of the target automobile industry chain, such as: Jinfa technology, pret, Sailun shares, etc. Bayer prices of

are still the most important variables influencing MDI market price. The successful commissioning of satellite Petrochemical propane dehydrogenation to propylene is favorable to Wanhua chemical, Wanhua chemical is strongly recommended.

Huifeng shares set up nongyiwang, which is expected to become Alibaba in the pesticide industry. In addition, the company's epoxiconazole business is expected to grow explosively is strongly recommended.

pesticide raw materials intermediates will continue to be transferred to China, benefiting from the ecological agriculture l transfer, the concentration of pesticide industry will be increased, we will continue to be optimistic about Huifeng shares, nopson, Lianhua technology, red sun, Sanonda, etc. The price of

urea rose gradually in spring, the rising price of natural gas was favorable for urea at coal head; nitro compound fertilizer was put into production PC was put into production in the first half of next year; the cost of coal gasification plant was improved, Luxi Chemical industry was recommended.

industry trends:

ethylene glycol market shows a pull up trend.

although the international oil price continued to record low the petrochemical industry chain suffered serious setbacks,

broke through the shackles of crude oil, the port inventory in East China fell below 800000 tons for the first time in this year, the daily output continued to be high, the downstream polyester production sales performance was good, It is rumored in the PTA market that the mainstream factories were in centralized maintenance in December the supply side was reduced, which led to an increase in ethylene glycol buying, some short positions in the early stage turned to be long, which led to the overall market atmosphere rising.

PTA market rose strongly.

this week were affected by the intention of some large manufacturers to reduce production later. PTA futures market rose strongly, spot price continued to rise, the price rose 200 yuan or more in a week, the price of us gold plate rose about 25 US dollars. The market atmosphere was positive.

at present, the domestic PTA market is maintained at 5650 yuan. Driven by the rising raw material prices, the downstream polyester prices have increased. However, in general, the upstream PX prices are still weak, the international oil prices continue to decline. Judging from the current situation, the rising pace of PTA market may slow down.

risk tips: (1) the overall downturn in the chemical industry; (2) systemic risk.

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