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New materials that can improve the performance of lithium batteries

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Continuously improving the overall performance of lithium batteries is the only direction for the development of lithium batteries, and the main method to improve the performance of lithium batteries is to continuously develop and innovate lithium battery materials. The following introduces the basic situation of new materials that can improve the performance of lithium batteries.
1. New high-entropy energy storage materials for new materials for lithium batteries
A new type of high-entropy material suitable for energy storage applications proposed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Researchers use multi-cation transition metal-based high-entropy oxide as the precursor, LiF or NaCl as the reactant, and use simple mechanochemical methods. , Preparation of polyanionic and polycationic compounds to generate lithiated or sodiumized materials, and successfully synthesized a fluoroscopy cathode active material with a rock salt structure, which is suitable for the next generation of lithium battery applications.
The advantage of this new type of lithium battery material is that it has stable entropy, exhibits stronger lithium storage performance, changes the constituent elements of traditional lithium batteries, improves cycle performance, and can reduce the use of toxic and expensive elements in the battery's positive electrode.
2. Layered oxides of new materials for lithium batteries
According to industry media reports, domestic researchers have made progress in the field of layered metal oxides. Researchers have found that the diffusion of oxygen in layered oxides is far easier than people imagined, and the diffusion and loss of oxygen ions during battery cycling This resulted in the formation of a large number of nano-sized bubbles inside the material, and at the same time caused a phase change in the crystal structure of the material. The results have been published in "Nature Nanotechnology".
This new type of lithium battery material changes people's understanding of the generation and diffusion of oxygen ions in layered metal oxides and provides an important research foundation for the stability of lithium battery cathode materials.
3. Cyclohexanone, a new material for lithium batteries
The team of Chen Jun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the School of Chemistry of Nankai University, designed and synthesized an organic cathode material for lithium-ion batteries with ultra-high capacity-cyclohexanone, with a discharge specific capacity of 902mAhg-1. In addition, due to the low solubility of cyclohexanone in high-polar ionic liquids, it has better cycle performance in ionic liquid-based electrolytes, and the assembled battery exhibits the characteristics of high capacity and long cycle life. The results have been published in "Germany Applied Chemistry".
This type of organic cathode material exhibits the highest capacity value currently reported for lithium-ion batteries, breaking the world record for the capacity of organic cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. This work provides a new idea for the design, preparation and battery application of high-capacity organic electrode materials. Lithium-ion batteries with cyclohexanone as the positive electrode can achieve the advantages of higher battery capacity and longer life, providing support for future applications in electric vehicles, energy storage grids and other fields.

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