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How does self-align ball bearing work?

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Self-align bearing is a kind of bearing with two race ways. In self-aligning bearings, the inner ring has two raceways and the outer ring has a spherical raceway, the center of curvature of which coincides with the bearing axis. In this way, the axis of the inner ring, ball and cage can be deflected around the center of the bearing, thereby automatically correcting the misalignment caused by machining or installation errors of the bearing seat and the shaft.
It is recommended to use self-aligning bearings when it is difficult to align the shaft and bearing housing or the shaft may bend during operation. Similar to deep groove ball bearings, most self-aligning balls are universal.
How does self-align ball bearing work?
It is the unique outer ring raceway of this ball bearing (sometimes doubled in self-aligning bearings) that enables it to self-align and run smoothly without causing any pressure on the bearings. Due to the raceways involved, these devices can be cooled at a higher speed than other bearings. There are many variants of this bearing, making it an essential tool for your industry.
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