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How to handle self-aligning ball bearings?

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Self-aligning ball bearings are designed to work with little noise and fast speed. This kind of ball bearings can be found in many mechanic devices. However, how to handle and maintain self-aligning ball bearings?
In order to know how to handle and maintain self-aligning ball bearings, we should know the design of them. Self-aligning ball bearings are designed with two rows, self-retaining radial ball bearings, which are part of the group of self-aligning bearings. The outer ring has a single concave raceway for the two rows of balls.
Self-aligning ball bearings have an expanded inner ring with cylindrical holes on both sides and a groove on one side of the inner ring. These bearings are particularly suitable for simple bearing arrangements with conventional shafts. Because the bearing hole tolerance is J7, this type of installation and disassembly is very simple. This groove is used to position the bearing in the axial direction with grub screws.
Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are lubricated with high-quality lithium soap-based grease and mineral oil-based grease, which has good corrosion resistance. The amount of grease added should be sufficient to ensure the entire service life of the bearing. Therefore, these bearings require no maintenance.

Do not wash off the grease bearing before installation. If a hot tool is used for installation, the bearing should not be heated to a temperature exceeding + 80 ° C considering the grease filling and sealing materials. If a higher heating temperature is required, it must be ensured that the maximum allowable temperature limits for grease and seals are not exceeded.
From the above, you may know how to handle and maintain self-aligning ball bearings. Find more knowledge on bearings, please go to:  knowledge of bearings.
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