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Too much oil in the bearing and box will cause the bearing to slip


Too much oil in the bearing and box will cause the bearing to slip

Spherical roller bearings and too much oil in the cabinet can cause a spherical roller bearing roller sliding, caused by the rolling friction sliding friction and rolling body damage spherical roller bearings, roller oil too much because of the spherical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing in the free space is little, the operation of the spherical roller bearing temperature rise, grease Hector degrees lower, rolling lubricating film thinning, Poor lubrication conditions can easily cause the abnormal sound of self-alighting roller bearings, surface loss of slip, and shorten the life of self-alighting roller bearings. Generally, there is a self-aligning roller bearing oil chamber on the side of the end cover (except for the self-aligning roller bearing designed as a double seal). According to the speed, the oil filling amount of the self-aligning roller bearing chamber can be implemented according to the following standards: when the speed is < 1500r/min, the oil filling amount is 2/3 of the volume of the self-aligning roller bearing chamber. When the speed is between 1500 ~ and 3000r/min, it is 1/2 of the volume of the self-aligning roller bearing chamber. When the speed is > 3000r/min, it should be less than or equal to 1/3 of the volume of the self-aligning roller bearing. In the actual working process, for self-aligning roller bearings running at high temperature and high speed, self-aligning roller bearings with sealing surfaces should be used as little as possible, oil storage amount of oil cover should be increased, and a refuelling nozzle should be installed, which can improve the operation life of self-aligning roller bearings.

Foreign body invasion, easy to cause bearing failure

Bearing foreign body invasion.

Try to use special tools, and try to avoid the use of cloth and short fibre things, so as not to fine fibre things into the self-aligning roller bearing caused unnecessary damage. For example, when installing self-alerting roller bearings, the staff used the copper rod knocking method, which is easy to cause the uneven axial force of self-alerting roller bearings, causing deformation of the cage, damage to the rolling body, and large clearance. And the copper rod in the process of knocking, the copper flies into the self-alerting roller bearing cage, which is easy to cause self-alerting roller bearing failure. What are the disadvantages of poor bearing installation?

Poor bearing installation.

The installation of self-aligning roller bearings is to follow the installation steps of self-aligning roller bearings, not savage installation and disassembly. Whether to install the self-aligning roller bearing correctly is related to the service life of the self-aligning roller bearing, so we must pay attention to it. When installing self-aligning roller bearings, avoid directly using your hands, because the sweat on your hands may also cause rust, and do not ignore small links. In the installation of self-aligning roller bearings, the most important thing is not to allow strong stamping, do not allow direct hammering of self-aligning roller bearings, not be afraid of breaking, but afraid of breaking deformation, deformation of self-aligning roller bearings can not be used. Also, it is not allowed to transfer pressure through the rolling body.

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